Sunday, December 14, 2008

A fun evening

After a nice nap, we headed out to
go on our first scooter ride, and
eat some dinner.
Not to sure what the name of the dish was,
but it was basically fresh fish,vegies,noodles,
with was damn tasty!
After we headed out to the Intercontinental
hotel for drinks.
Unknown to Kimiko and I, Huyen HAD to stop at
the famous corn lady.
How good could it be?!?
Surprisingly, it was really good.


After a relaxing coffee break,
we headed out to see some sites, and meet with Huyen for lunch.
(Which for some odd reason I don't have pics of?)

I must've been really hungry again, or the jet lag was kicking my butt!

After lunch we went by a fancy hotel where we were going to enroll
in cooking classes, but decided against it at the last minute.
Jet lag was really kicking in at this point so we decided to head back
towards our hotel and check out Nol's apartment since he was right up the street.
Then we had to take a serious nap before dinner!

Morning in Ha Noi

The first morning I awoke to an empty bed at 4 a.m.,
since Kimiko had decided to get up and go somewhere!?
I stumbled out of bed and found her in the lobby surfing
the web and looking at what else, facebook!
We went back to bed, well at least I thought we both
did, only to be awoken again at 6:30 since Kimiko wanted
to head downstairs and eat breakfast #1.
I woke up a few hours later and had my first
breakfast as well, then spoke to Nol about meeting
up to start our day.
We headed out and we quickly realized how chilly it was in Ha Noi
compared to our afternoon in Saigon, that's why you'll see Kimiko
wearing Nol's jacket in later pics.
On our way to eat, Nol took us through a typical large market, but
it's crazy how many people are selling food on almost any street you walk on.

Well it was time for breakfast #2.
I think this first Pho place that Nol took us to
was the best on the whole trip, and there are so many variations
that I never tired of it!
After breakfast, we headed out to grab a tasty vietnamese coffee...