Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Night

This was our first night in Ha Noi, and we
finally got to meet Huyen (Nol's fiance) in person.
I'm sure you noticed, but I kind of forgot to take pics of what we ate.
We were a little hungry! ;)
After dinner Nol and Huyen took us to a little dessert
place they knew about...

Saigon Airport

We were originally supposed to all meet in Saigon,
but plans changed along the way and we were unable to change our flight.
We had a couple hours to kill before we headed to Ha Noi to meet Nol so we
grabbed a bite to eat and watched the tube.

Going to visit Nol and his fiance...

My first picture with our new camera as we're waiting at LAX for our flight to Saigon.
Our flight went thru Hong Kong, where we heard the last call being announced
for our connecting flight and had to run through the terminal to catch it...
Great beginning to our three week adventure! :O)